Monday, January 17, 2011

the BaR silver! :)

Our print ad for the BaR silver! It's hard to think of any concept/ideas about this one especially if you're not a drinker and it's a new brand in the market! So we have to research and gain comments from their FB fan page just to make it work.. .but unfortunately, NOTHING. :)))) Our brainstorming includes: eating, talking, cracking jokes, laughing out loud.. .and that's it, NO WORK DONE..haha! but it's super fun.. .! Do you guys experienced it too? :) Oh well, tell me your story! :)

The idea here is that the BaR silver could unleash your spirit, unleash that wild side of yours! The white smoke on the left represents the plain liquor and the one with colors represents the chasers mixed with the latter. So whether plain or mixed, the BaR silver is really STRONG!! ...they say.. :)))

haha. .3 a.m already and I haven't sleep yet. Need to finish my report tommorrow!!! *brain exploding* oh well, I can do it, good luck! *sleeps*

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